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Nukunuku has big roots
like an old tree.

The house that continues to breathe for 170 years

Fragrant coffee

Japanese meal

Bread and cake rich in natural flavors

People who lead their lives toiling with their own hands

Products given with care

Time with art that skillful hands elaborate

Seasonal scent



We want you to enjoy the comfortable space.

Having renovated the 170-year-old barn, we created a unique space where you can forget the flow of time.

High-quality gallery space where artworks are changed every two weeks.
Aromatic drip coffee.
A dish made with plenty of fresh, locally grown vegetables.
Homemade bread and cake.
Miscellaneous goods of living made by artists.

And above all, abundant nature.

Here is a world where we can notice something certain because it is simple.

First of all, have a cup of coffee.