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Nostalgic, warm and new
It’s the taste of Cafe Nukunuku.

Slowly and carefully dripped coffee
A dish that stimulates you with the taste of the season
Homemade cake and bread

Please enjoy the taste of Nukunuku that you can’t always meet.



Seasonal menu and Ever-popular menu


※ The image is for illustrative purposes.


Seasonal dish 1
Seasonal dish 2
Side dish
Miso soup
Zakkokumai(Millet rice)

Bread Plate

Seasonal dish
Zapan Bread

⭐︎ Click here for about Zapan

Onigiri ( rice ball)

Simmered beef
Sockeye salmon
Plum anchovy
Jako zhacai
Kinome Kombu
Troro Okaka
Tororo Kombu
Five kinds of vegetables cooked with miso

Seasonal Drink

Milk cocoa

Warm apple juice

Seasonal Cake

The seasonal Cake depends
on the season and ingredients.

 The seasonal Cake depends on the season and ingredients.
Please check on the menu
when you visit us.

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 Cafe  MENU  




Bread SET
Seosonal Soup

Bread Plate

Don  Three types
Curry   Four types

    Vegetable and Basil

Onigiri(rice ball)   Eight types
※choose two Onigiri from eight types.




We provide Breakfast for a relaxing weekend.

【10:30 〜 11:30】





Soy meat bowl Don
※ Served with miso soup (a kelp and shiitake soup stock)

Vegetable curry

Vegetable and Basil
・Five kinds of vegetables cooked with miso
・Ororo Kombu
・Kinome Kombu
※ Served with miso soup (a kelp and shiitake soup stock) and kounomono (pickles)




Seasonal Cake
Chocolate cake
Ice cream
Scone(Weekend only)

They are popular sweets. Please note that they may be sold out.



Hot Drink

Coffee :
    Mellow/Dark roasted/Charcoal grilled
Decaffeinated coffee
Black tea (lemon or milk)
Milk coffee
Hot milk with honey
Three-year Bancha( coarse tea)
     served with umeboshi ( pickled plum)
Milk cocoa
Warm apple juice 
Seasonal drink



Cold Drink

Iced coffee
Iced tea (lemon or milk)
Iced milk coffee
Iced milk
Citrus soy milk
Cassis Soy Milk
Onshu Orange Juice from ”Muchachaen"
Apple juice

Seasonal drink

Beer (with nuts)
  Premium KAWABA
  Yukihotaka Pilsner/IPA/
Wine mini bottle (187 ml) white/Red
  Charles Meras Organic
Non-alcoholic beer (Veritasbrau)
Non-alcohol cassis beer


Because it is handmade, you’ll find it more delicious.

Zapan's natural yeast bread

Please enjoy Zapan’s bread with “bread plate”

【Sales date】
Every Saturday: sold at Nukunuku
Every Tuesday: sold at Kagiroi
※ Date may change.

Bread baked with homemade yeast taken from fermented raisins Yeast is naturally fermented slowly at the temperature of the day it is made. We use only simple ingredients such as domestic wheat, natural yeast, water, salt and a small amount of washing sugar (organic sugar containing a lot of vitamins and minerals ) to help with fermentation. It has a solid finish that does not use butter or eggs, and the smell of wheat and yeast and toothsomeness come gradually to you with every bite.




"" sweets

Sweets from "" are served at the cafe. In front of the cash register, we sell handmade sweets such as cookies.

They are baked with carefully selected ingredients that are rich in tastes and healthy at the same time. Japan local wheatmeal, produced flour, washing sugar (a kind of organic sugar containing a lot of vitamins and minerals), millet sugar, Sai-tamago (fresh premium-quality eggs produced in Saitama Prefecture), Hokkaido Butter, fresh cream and milk from Hokkaido are used as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables.

They are popular sweets. Please note that they may be sold out.

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